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With DougraySmith Utilising Weibo & Youku Channels / Case Study

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Our place is helping western organisations find their groove in a vastly different eastern marketplace. One such organisation we’ve guided through this challenging landscape during the first months of 2016 is Scottish investment and development real estate advisory practise - DougraySmith.

Having expressed interest in gaining some traction within Chinas complex digital landscape, DougraySmith finally reached out to us in the hope of utilising our prior experience in breaking western businesses into China. The ensuing weeks noted the careful construction of a multi-faceted plan to push the unique services of Dougray Smith to a Chinese audience.

With London busy and investment spreading north to Manchester there is no question that there is a very real interest in Scottish real-estate opportunities within China. In this case it was simply a matter of properly harnessing them in a way that they would manifest as direct enquiries and conversions.

Drawing on our expertise in the use of the leading Chinese social networking platforms, we created a multi-tiered strategy for the client which kicks-off with the launch of their own official Weibo account on March 14th This is closely followed by their own video channel on Youku and we have just established ' ownership of the trend' on Weibo for all things Scottish property related. Chris Dougray, partner in the firm had this to say on the project:

marketing property to the Chinese

“We have visited China and have been developing our Chinese contact base over the last eighteen months and now feel ready to implement the next phase of our strategy - our social media reach. This has been conceived, developed and managed day to day with our digital marketing partner East West. We will offer updates on all matters of Scottish real estate to Chinese individuals and companies interested in Scotland.

The updates will be issued in Mandarin and whilst initially focussing on clients of DougraySmith, the service will be available to third parties. We foresee strong interest from the residential, student accommodation and commercial real estate sectors. No other commercial real estate advisor in Scotland, or indeed the UK, has developed such an offer and we are very excited about the prospects moving forward.”

Since launching, it has been great to see the national property press pick up on our launch. As featured below in the Estates Gazette and other titles.

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An example post is featured below about a recent investment development from China into Scotland. With up to 5 images, video links and web links, Scottish Property Experts ( SPX ) is a useful catch all site for investors interested in the Scottish property market. 

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